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The Champaign-Urbana metropolitan region has won the title of "Great Food Town" for the second year in a row, according to the latest issue of Living Food & Wine magazine. Below are just a few places in and around Champagne and Ur bana that have helped make the city the top food destination in the state of Illinois.

While Champaign, Illinois is home to some of the state's best restaurants, Urbana and Champagne also have plenty of restaurants. It's a small place, but it has many different cuisines from all over the world and there are many great restaurants.

It can be difficult to find trustworthy and tasty sushi when there are so many restaurants in the city, not to mention universities. Many of the restaurants we introduce in this blog offer take-out options, but if you decide to have dinner - in, remember to do so for sure. If you can get an order, carryout is a safe way to enjoy a pandemic of restaurant food. In many of these restaurants in the city you can order And it's a great alternative to food.

We know that your dining experience in Champaign will be much better if you visit one of our suggested locations, but we will offer you a few things you need to try right away. If you want to support your favorite restaurants, now is the time, so eat in many great places. To make things more difficult for C-U restaurants, we will make it harder for you to be part of the great food scene at the University of Illinois in Urbana - Chicago.

If you like Mexican food, you will get more to eat here and maybe eat some tortillas. If you are in the area and want to try something different, Thara Thai will be just the thing and a great place to eat.

I invite you to taste a taste of Champaign - Urbana and see for yourself. Please note: VisitChampaign County hosts a free tasting event for those who feel the need for a quick and easy visit to one of the great restaurants in the area, but all views and opinions are my own and are not influenced by anyone.

Most of the dishes are recognizable to Mexican gourmets, with tortas, ahogada and tlacoyo containing traditional Mexican ingredients that are put together in different ways. If you want to return for dinner, like the ramen and pork bowl, you can come back for tacos or even quesadillas.

If you want something sweet or savory, Paris Super Crepes is a hidden gem on campus, and if you make it from scratch, it's a great gift for graduates and friends who have attended college in the state. Try Paula's frozen pizza, which is served with a variety of ingredients including bacon, bacon cheese and tomato sauce. It's great for making great gifts for your friends or former friends, but add other favorites to your list as well.

The Mexican restaurant also offers a variety of menus and serves some of the best handmade corn tortillas in Illinois. If you are more likely to discourage burgers, they have many other delicious things, but the main course is the take-out burger, with a selection of beef, chicken, turkey, pork, beef or pork ribs. While burgers are more your thing, Farren's is not one of them, but it's not without its best burgers in town.

If you love local beer, great food and the great Champaign County area, JT Walker's is a must - stop. This shop in Mahomet is incredible for local breweries and fantastic food, and the restaurant's menu and bar offer you a choice of pretty much anything.

KoFusion offers sushi fusion and Asian-American cuisine, and they have an upscale bar-type atmosphere with a wide selection of cocktails, beers and wines, as well as a full bar.

DESTIHL offers a full day menu with something for every taste, including the opportunity to choose from a huge selection of foods. Eating at Esquire is an opportunity to get a good meal in a place that feels like home, with a menu that goes deep. It's a wonderful way to make sure everyone who eats there is happy, and it's one of the best restaurants in the Chicago area.

This is one of the best times to choose Indian cuisine, and you can book a table before it gets crowded with students coming to their favorite restaurant to dine.

Champaign - Urbana is a relaxed and beautiful county, but if you are like me, life doesn't go very fast and the restaurants close early at night.

That's why we at 212 East wanted to make it easier for you to find your new favorite restaurants, and that's when we compiled this incredible list of the best restaurants in Champaign. Many international students of the faculty live here and many of their needs must be met in this university city, you will find many interesting restaurants with a variety of styles. If I fancy a bit of pizza, it's in downtown Champaign, but Ibe the Bread Company, whose always delicious classic cheese fondue makes it a must-have - stop. For over 30 years a permanent part of our community, this cozy place has been eaten for days.

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