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There's plenty of fun to do this weekend if you want to get out of CHICAGO and move around the state of Illinois, because there are a lot of virtual events to keep you busy this weekend. The Campus St. Häuser takes advantage of the crisp autumn weather with a variety of events ranging from formal dances to ski parties.

The Midwest Herb and Garden Show, considered the largest event of its kind in the region, promises to be spectacular. Mainly used as a research facility for the University of Illinois Arboretum and the Chicago Botanical Garden, it also features several theme gardens open to the public.

With its beautiful fountains and interesting artworks, this fun destination in Champaign is the perfect setting for walking or strolling in the park. The Kristallsee Park also offers numerous special events and leisure camps throughout the year, which help to make the visit to this park even more interesting.

This calendar of events includes a wide range of city events in all categories, including concerts, festivals, one-day events, events for children and families and much more. This great weekend festival is attended by tens of thousands and welcomes visitors from all over the country and the world for its annual celebration of music, food, entertainment and fun. One of the largest and most popular sporting events in the United States has its roots in Chicago. You can discover a variety of exciting sports, music and entertainment events in and around Chicago!

Discover all the great things to do in the Chicago area and discover one of the best places in Illinois! Check out our list of top events in Illinois and Chicago for the top activities in and around Illinois and Chicago.

Live music events and live streams featuring some of your favorite bands and artists from across the city, as well as special events for children and families.

If you require accommodation suitable for disabled people to participate in any of the listed programs and events, please contact the iSchool Help Desk by email. Find out about upcoming events in the city and learn more about events sponsored by Student Affairs. See the list of upcoming meetings for the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign and the Illinois State University System. Find special events in the region, including events on campus and in the Chicago area, as well as events in other cities across the country.

This event will be in person, so make sure you wear a mask and show the Safer Illinois app upon arrival.

Plan your free time with the Chicago Police Department, Illinois State Police, Chicago Fire Department and Illinois Department of Public Safety for this event.

The Red Carpet Corridor is an annual event that stretches from Joliet, IL, to Towanda, Illinois. Historic Woodstock Square hosts many wonderful events throughout the year, browse through the listings to find the right event for you. U-events can be found in the area's special events, including the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department and Illinois State Police. To view events that take place on that day, when multiple events are listed, click on the name of the event that is taken from the list of events, and then click to the left of it.

Thousands of festivals and events are held throughout Wisconsin, from the Wisconsin State Fair to the Milwaukee County Fair, the Great American Beer Festival and more.

Cruise the Spirit of Peoria, dine at one of the great restaurants, stroll the riverside paths of Weekend Getaways Illinois, explore the Peoria Riverfront Museum or cruise in the spirit of the Spirit of Peoria and stop off at the Spirit of Peoria. If you're attending the Chicago Beer Festival, you'll have to be prepared for some fun things to do in Chicago over the weekend in March. The event will include live music, food, beer, wine and more, all from 7pm for VIP guests to keep the party at home. Take the alcohol home and then drive back to your hotel for a night of fun and entertainment.

Your kids will love to see vintage cars and movie cars at the Volo Auto Museum, enjoy the weather at Lake County Forest Preserve, and you will also see some of the world's most iconic cars from the past, present, and future. A visit to the University of Illinois will also help you learn more about the history, culture, history and culture of Chicago and Illinois State University. The second step on campus is to offer activities for freshmen.

Something always happens that piques your interest, whether it's an art exhibition, a concert or even a film or two.

There is always something going on in the Dorsey area, whether it's a yoga group, an art exhibition, a concert or even a movie.

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